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Post  BlueBabyDragon on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:08 am

Here's a red skeleton- add any suggestions you might have. This one is a tough one to budget space-wise!


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Red Skeleton Empty Re: Red Skeleton

Post  BlueBabyDragon on Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:11 am

This is somewhat of a sloppy outline for now. This one has URLs to the cards' individual pages on this forum (which reminds me I need to go fix Blue's).

I included pretty much everything except a few cards (mostly the newer ones), but not all of these designs are set in stone anyway. Red seems like a more difficult color than I expected.

R01: Mana Red Haste Shaman
R02: Mana Red Tamed Beast
R03: Mana Red Balduvian Thunderhand
R04: Mana Red creature
R05: Mana Red creature
R06: Mana Red or Mana 1Mana Red creature
R07: Mana 1Mana Red Bloodthirsty Ogre
R08: Mana 1Mana Red Rock Snapper
R09: Mana 1Mana Red (Spitemare Mono)
R10: Mana 1Mana Red Warren Crusader
R11: Mana 1Mana Red Blacksmith Vandal
R12: Mana RedMana Red Fury Knight
R13: Mana RedMana Red creature
R14: Mana 1Mana Red or Mana 2Mana Red creature
R15: Mana 2Mana Red creature
R16: Mana 1Mana RedMana Red Snake of Fire
R17: Mana 1Mana RedMana Red Magus of the Vortex
R18: Mana 3Mana Red creature
R19: Mana 2Mana RedMana Red Fireflail Knight
R20: Mana 2Mana RedMana Red, Mana 4Mana Red, or Mana 3Mana RedMana Red creature
R21: Mana 3Mana RedMana Red creature
R22: Mana 4Mana RedMana Red creature
R23: Mana 4Mana RedMana Red creature
R24: Mana 4Mana RedMana RedMana Red creature

I like the idea of Red having equal creatures and noncreatures (which is probably a bit more creatures than in a real Cube), but we may need to cut some for Burn or something. I dunno.

Land Destruction
R25: Mana 2Mana Red land destruction
R26: Mana 2Mana Red or Mana 1Mana RedMana Red land destruction
R27: Mana 1Mana RedMana Red Burning Fields
R28: Mana 3Mana Red land destruction
R29: Mana 3Mana Red Ragnarok

Five is probably too many, and I didn't allocate any specific space for artifact destruction even though it might should have at least one spell. One of these can probably be some spin on "destroy target artifact or land."

R30: Mana 2R Ghostlit Volley
R31: Mana Red
R32: Mana Red
R33: Mana Red
R34: Mana 1Mana Red
R35: Mana 1Mana Red
R36: Mana 1Mana Red
R37: Mana 1Mana Red
R38: Mana 2Mana Red Evocative Pulse
R39: Mana 2Mana Red Flameblast
R40: Mana XMana Red Burn
R41: Mana XMana Red or Mana XMana RedMana Red Burn
R42: Mana XMana Red Charring Blaze

Is 3 X-burn spells a good amount? Is this a weird burn curve? I'm not sure if this is enough burn or too much.

R44: Mana Red Pyretic Ritual+
R45: Mana 3Mana RedMana Red or Mana 2Mana RedMana RedMana Red Pyroclastic Flow
R46: Mana 2Mana RedMana Red Eternal Fire <-- should probably be filed under "burn"

Red has an uncomfortably small slice of the pie. :(


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