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Post  BlueBabyDragon on Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:31 pm

This is a post for the skeleton of the blue section. Add your suggestions.


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Blue Skeleton Empty Re: Blue Skeleton

Post  BlueBabyDragon on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:09 pm

Here's my rough draft for Blue. Even in a not-completely-built Custom Cube, Blue is tight!

I left out Graveyard-Hating Counterspell because it's currently strictly worse than Counterspell. If we tweak it it may be able to take Monopolize's spot. I left out Intuition Given, but if you guys want it we could definitely put it in. I left out Merfolk Spellspitter because it sort of evolved into Distorting Membrane.

U01: Mana Blue Thought Field
U02: Mana Blue creature
U03: Mana 1Mana Blue (Spellstutter Sprite Variant)
U04: Mana 1Mana Blue creature
U05: Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U06: Mana 1Mana Blue or Mana 2Mana Blue creature
U07: Mana 2Mana Blue Distorting Membrane
U08: Mana 2Mana Blue Mystical Sorceress
U09: Mana 1Mana BlueMana Blue Ocean Elemental
U10: Mana 3Mana Blue creature
U11: Mana 2Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U12: Mana 1Mana BlueMana BlueMana Blue Mystic Drake
U13: Mana 4Mana Blue or Mana 3Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U14: Mana 3Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U15: Mana 4Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U16: Mana 4Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U17: Mana 5Mana BlueMana Blue creature
U18: Mana 4Mana BlueMana BlueMana Blue creature

Comments: Blue should have the fewest creatures of any color. I think 18 is a good number; we should go no higher than that. 16 should probably be the minimum if we decide to cut creatures for noncreatures. Right now the curve feels a bit top-heavy.

I'll whip up a list of Blue creature types to help us come up with ideas and diversify our "flavor" a bit.

Card Draw/Filtering
U19: Mana Blue card filtering cantrip
U20: Mana Blue or Mana 1Mana Blue card filtering cantrip
U21: Mana 1Mana Blue Divination+
U22: Mana 2Mana Blue Inspiration+
U23: Mana 2Mana BlueMana Blue Whispering Wind

Comments: U19 and U20 should be cards along the lines of Ponder, Brainstorm, etc. We may like to have a "skill testing" draw card like FoF or Gifts, if not a reprint of one of those.

U26: Mana 1Mana BlueMana Blue Vedalken Æthershackles
U27: Mana 2Mana BlueMana Blue Dimmed Droning

Comments: I'm not sure if these are our best bets for steal effects, but we also have Treason. I don't think we need more than 3.

U28: Mana Blue or Mana 1Mana Blue
U29: Mana 1Mana Blue Dissolve
U30: Mana 1Mana Blue Mana Leak
U31: Mana 1Mana Blue Monopolize (may need replacement)
U32: Mana BlueMana Blue Counterspell
U33: Mana 1Mana BlueMana Blue Mini Cryptic
U34: Mana 1Mana BlueMana Blue Seal of Cancel
U35: Mana 1Mana BlueMana Blue Counterstifle
U36: Mana 1Mana BlueMana Blue or Mana 2Mana BlueMana Blue
U37: Mana 1Mana BlueMana BlueMana Blue Treason
U38: Mana XMana Blue

Comments: 11 instant counterspells plus a few creatures with countering effects is what I'm banking on. Is that too many? Not enough? I'd like at least one "free" counter of some sort.

U39: Mana 1Mana Blue Freeze
U40: Bounce
U41: Bounce

Comments: 3 seems like too few; we could probably change one of the "miscellaneous" slots to a bounce spell if necessary. 1-2 creatures with bounce effects can ease our lack-of-bounce fears.

U42: Mana Blue Rehearse <-- Not sure if this will make it, but it seems fun to test
U43: Mana 2Mana Blue Reconstruct
U44: Mana 4Mana BlueMana Blue Æther Germination (I'd like at least one clone effect)

Comments: I'm sure there's some important aspect of Blue's giant slice of the color pie that I forgot, so we may need to use some of our "miscellaneous" slots on those. But I'll throw out some buzzwords in case we have the space:

  • "transformation"-themed spell ("Transformation" has a lot of flavor that could be mined in different ways! It could be a +X/-X effect, a "replace a creature with a token" effect, an Ovinize effect, a Clone effect, a Polymorph effect, etc. It would make a fantastic "charm" or "command" if we can't come up with a good single effect!)
  • "shuffle target creature into its owner's library" or similar removal
  • "Blue discard" as seen on Vendilion Clique
  • A colored artifact creature or two with Mana 2U s as its cost.
  • Some other colorless/artifact effect with Mana 2U s as its cost.
  • A (man?)land


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